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Everlasting Candles

Sassy Primitives Everlasting Candles, Our Everlasting Series isn't a whole new line of candles, but a whole new way to light your candles!

You choose from a few of our new electric bases, and pick virtually any of our hallowed out candles, then put the two together and viola! You have a brand new style of candles at your disposal.
This makes your candles even more everlasting, than they were before and safe for less fire friendly areas in your home. Though this seems to limit you to just this, that is not the case. Just buy one of our coaster, tealight/votive sets and pop the coaster inside and you are back to your regular candle. Now you can burn your candles, or electrify them. All you have to do to get your candles in this style is to choose Electrify from the drop down menu in any of our hallow candle.

















to the home of the original handcrafted sassy hurricane candle collection.  We carry a wide array of styles, colors, and scents to embrace everyone's own style.  Enjoy & reflect, Sassy Primitives
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